Just goofin, new equipment goofin. Quick intro into some plans on season 2. New intro new gear, Stay tuned for shenanigans.

It is sad but do to current circumstance we have decided to end season 1 a bit earlier then we originally planned. We look forward to season 2 as we get back to wheeling and wrenching. Thanks for listing and supporting us. We will continue to be present on all the social media accounts and monitoring are messages so feel free to contact us.

In this episode we talk with are friends Heather and her brother Dan who own and operate Jeepend. It is a great Jeep event that takes place in the summer on Drummond Island MI since 2015.  We also talk with Dan about his 4BT diesel swapped JK pickup on one ton axles and 45' Swampers. 

In this episode we talked with Rory about Trigger controller and the products they provide that give you the ability to control multiple powered Accessories wirelessly. It was a great conversation that gave us some ideas that would help with mounting lights and the accessories on vehicles, especially newer models that don't always give a good location to run a wired switch inside the cab. so give it a listen Thanks as always.

In this episode we get the opportunity to Talk with Rob Bender Park. He is one of the hosts of the Tv show Truck Night In America along with being a designer/fabricator at MotoBilt. We had a great time talking with Rob and really appreciate him being on the show.

In this episode we just basically hit record and talk.  A week or so ago prior to recording this episode Jim posted on Instagram story's asking what you would liked to hear next and the majority voted for a ramble/ rant episode. So no topic and nothing special. Its exactly what you would expect from two guys in a garage with a bottle of whiskey talking about builds and ideas. Thanks for listening.

In this episode we get the chance to talk with 4 of the guys from True North Racing, a great ultra 4 racing team based in Canada. We talk about the team, the cars, and the effort it take to run several different classes or cars in Ultra 4 including 2 Jeep Zj's in the stock class and a Legends car. 

In this episode we talk with Ultra 4 driver and owner of Kracker Fab Motorsports, Josh and his co driver JD. They race a Jeep ZJ in the stock class of Ultra 4. We get a glimpse at what it takes as Josh and JD tell us about building a 4600 stock class car and raceing it in several events a year including one of the toughest off road races on the planet, King of the Hammers.

In this episode we continued the conversation and basic ranting with Ken Farley Jr. a.k.a. Dr.Deathwobble in his shop.

In this episode we traveled to Dr. Deathwobble's (Ken Farley Jr.) shop to talk about the Rx for Adventure winter run we attended. This trip took us back up to norther Michigan for some fun snow covered trails and some winter camping. We had a great time with great people. Huge thanks to Chris are trail guide and Ken for making it a great trip. 

In this episode we welcome David Roberts on the show. David is a trail guide for Jeep Jamboree on Drummond island, a fabricator with a lot of experience building off road vehicles, and owner of a Mercedes Turbo Diesel swapped Tj named Oliver. We cover a lot in this episode from David's family history in off Road to his fabrication shop and some of the builds he has done past and present. David also gives us info on how he did the Diesel swap in his TJ and why he decided to go with a Mercedes engine. David can be found on Instagram at @Robertsfabworks and more info on his Tj at @Oliver_the_oilburner    Thanks for listing and as always like, share, and subscribe.

This episode was recorded in Jim's Jeep JK on the return trip from Jeep Jamboree on Drummond island. We talk about our experience at Jeep Jamboree including the trails we ran and the great people we met. Thanks to all the great people who put on such a great event and the amazing trail guides! we would also like to apologize in advance for the Audio in this episode as a result of recording while driving.

In this episode we talk with Michigan native Nate Mclean. Nate is locally known for driving his long travel custom 68' C30 at silver lake sand dunes. He has also taken his truck out west to hit the dunes and rip up some race tracks.  You can see Nate and his truck on Instagram @mr.clean719 where he posts amazing photos and video. We really enjoyed having Nate on the show and who knows maybe we will do it again from Silver Lake sand dunes in a future episode.

In this episode we had the privilege of talking to Tim Ryan also Known as @done_gone_commando on Instagram. Tim is a master of engine swaps with a long history in the automotive industry. We talk about his past and present projects including his amazing patina covered Commando and Cj-3a. Tim also talks about his wheeling trips to Sand Hollow, Moab, and up in the snow covered mountains. It was truly a pleasure to have the opportunity to talk with Tim and hope you enjoy this episode.

In this episode we our joined by are friend Jeremy form New Holland Overland. They are a great Michigan based company that make amazing overland style offload camper trailers and accessory's for Toyota Tacoma's and other off road vehicles. 

In this episode we go back to the beginning and all the episodes that we have done up until now. We also talk about some ideas and plans for the future. We have had a lot of good times in 2019 and look forward to 2020. Thanks to all who have listened, liked and subscribed. Special thanks to all that continue to message and give us the motivation to keep going.  We also would like to apologize for the ice cubes clanking in the tumblers as we enjoyed some delicious beverages while we recorded this episode.

In this episode much like episode 17 we talk about other ways people are D bags on the trail especially when it comes to recovery and spotting. Thanks for listening and as always we value you feedback so send us a message via Instagram or Facebook.